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What is PokerOfficer?

PokerOfficer is an opponent tracker with heads-up-display. It has been developed specially for PKR players, by a PKR player. I love playing at PKR and it's often hilarious. Most players are there having fun playing 3D poker, which makes it a good place to play seriously profitable poker, while still having fun yourself! PokerOfficer helps you get a read on your opponents, it watches their every move.


PKR is an online 3D poker room, where players play poker against each other for play money, or real money. If you don't already have PKR installed, you can download it free from PKR.

Tracker Popularity

I've played at many other online poker rooms, and at every one there is tracker HUD software available. They are part of the game, and any professional will tell your they are absolutely essential. Just search for pokertracker, or holdem manager, and you will see these are extremely popular. Unfortunately 3D poker at PKR is so unique, no other software supports PKR. Which is where PokerOfficer comes in!

Do you need a PKR Tracker HUD?

You might argue that when playing one table, it's easy enough to keep an eye on the players yourself, and go with your instincts based on their play in the past few hands. How many hands can you remember? 5, or 10, or 20? That is okay, but basing plays on this small sample size is not always best. You will fall into the trap of making a bad decision based on a fluke run of cards by a certain player. PokerOfficer shows you stats based on all the hands you have ever seen your opponents play, so you have the most accurate and trusted read.

Do you multi-table?

If you play more than one table, PokerOfficer is essential. You can't watch more than one table at a time on PKR, but PokerOfficer can. When multi-tabling, you can stick to premium starting hands on each table without getting the itch to play mediocre hands. It's a profitable way to play. When you do get a good starting hand, PokerOfficer is ready instantly with a read on your opponents. It fully supports the PKR multi-table interface.

Try for yourself!

Playing poker with stats available in real-time, you will quickly see how these stats relate to how your opponents are playing. You can identify the educated tight and aggressive players with their closely matching VPIP and PFR, and the loose and passive players with their high VPIP and low PFR. Instantly avoid playing dominated hands preflop when a tight player raises, you will notice their stats in red. This and much more will become second nature as the stats start to enhance your instincts to make you a better player. Download a free trial today and see the difference within a week!

More Information

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