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PokerOfficer PKR Tracking HUD for PKR Poker

PokerOfficer PKR Tracker HUD Software Tool

PokerOfficer is a heads-up-display (HUD) software add-on for PKR. It can instantly help you play better winning poker. By tracking your opponents for you, it can increase your win rate and maximise your profits. It automatically tracks your opponents bets, calls and folds. How often they do each action is key to getting a read on their strategy. Are they loose or tight, timid or aggressive? Now this information is available in real-time on the HUD, and will help you to choose the right action.

Don't already play poker at PKR?

PokerOfficer tracking software is an add-on for the
PKR online poker room, shown on the left.

If you don't already play poker at PKR, you can download
it and play for FREE!

There are practice tables, and freeroll tournaments where
you can start your real bankroll at no cost to you.

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PokerOfficer PKR Tracker HUD in Action

PokerOfficer Tracker HUD for PKR Poker

PokerOfficer will show you stats on your opponents, right on the table. You are alerted to their playing style as you play, with stats overlaid directly on the PKR poker table.

Get the best read on your opponents. Download the trial version today, and see how it can help your game reach the next level!

New FREE Trial

PokerOfficer is so simple to use, and install, you can see the statistics of all your previous opponents within minutes of downloading it. The free trial lasts for a week. See the Downloads page for details.

The Ultimate PKR multi-tabling tool

PokerOfficer software will let you multi-table at PKR while keeping a handle on your game. Fully integrated with PKR's multi-tabling layout, the HUD keeps an eye on all of your tables, even when you can't! Now you can play up to 9 tables, keeping to your good starting hands on each, but getting more play, more wins, and less boredom when playing tight.

Version 2.07 Released - August 28th, 2012

PokerOfficer has been working for you at PKR since August 2008. We've just upgraded it to support the new PKR 2.0 features and automatic multi-table support. Major improvements added to the session history review, graph analysis and hand "replay". There have been even more minor updates for bug fixes, and feature improvements. It is now very stable and reliable. Statistics you can trust.

However, it does not support the very new Multi-Windows, or popped out windows. This is in development!

See the change-log in the forum for more details.

Download PKR Online Poker Here

If you don't already play poker at PKR, you can download it here for FREE:

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When you make your first deposit at, you can get a fantastic bonus to kickstart your bankroll. Just enter one of the following codes when asked for it during your deposit. Bonus dollars are released after a certain number of PKR points are accumulated.

  • POKEROFFICER50 - $50 easy to clear bonus!
  • POKEROFFICER600 - 100% bonus equal to your deposit up to $600!

Regularly Certified Spyware and Virus Free

PokerOfficer is also available for download on the following sites. These sites regularly test their downloads for spyware and virus infections. You can check the status of these tests by following these links. Soft82 also provides an anti-virus report. If you are happy that PokerOfficer is spyware and virus free, you can download it from our Downloads page.

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PokerOfficer Tracker HUD for PKR Poker

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